Platinum Recruiting has cultivated a deep network of “best in class” candidates, and they’ve successfully sourced candidates to fill numerous positions within my team and within the finance department at my company. Platinum Recruiting’s market intelligence, integrity, and professionalism are key reasons why the team continues to lead in placing candidates with us.

Craig – Director of Finance, Fortune 500 company

I’ve worked with Platinum several times over the past few years. Platinum has placed two property accountants at my company, both of whom are working out very well. Platinum is very easy to work with, and they really listen to the specific traits we were looking for in a new hire, and only sent us resumes that met those requirements. Platinum sent us a great summary about each candidate, which told us a lot about the person that a resume just can’t communicate. It was obvious they take the time to meet their candidates and get to know them, and wasn’t just passing along a resume. Platinum also placed me with my company over five years ago. I feel very comfortable with Platinum, both from an employee and employer perspective.

Jeff – Corporate Controller, real estate company

Platinum is always my first – and usually only – call when I need help filling an open position. I’ve worked with Platinum for the past 5 years and quite a bit in the last 12 months. We’ve hired several Platinum candidates so our partnership has clearly been successful and this success makes the process easier each time because they know the types of candidates that fit in with our culture. Each time I need assistance, I send Platinum general information about the position and what type of candidate we’re looking for…they are always willing to make the time to have a conversation on the phone, with either myself or the hiring manager or both to learn more about the role. Quality over quantity is important to me as I don’t have time to look at 10 candidates hoping a few are actually qualified. What I like about Platinum is they don’t waste my time. It’s a rare occasion when we go past a third candidate from Platinum as we usually hire the first or second one.

Adam – Manager, Talent Acquisition, consumer service industry

I have worked with Platinum Recruiting for over 10 years on a variety of searches for our company. They take the time to understand our company, the nuances of the position and the key qualities candidates need to possess to be successful. They approach the search process with the understanding that they are working to build creditability and develop a long-term working relationship. The quality of the candidates is top notch and come well-prepared for the interview process. Not all of my searches have resulted in a hire from Platinum and in those cases I have not received any pressure if the candidates presented aren’t a good fit. It can be hard to find a recruiting partner that strikes a balance of performance, quality and sound management practices, but Platinum has demonstrated those traits over a long period of time.

Jim – VP of Finance, Fortune 500 company