I had a great experience working with Platinum Recruiting that I’ve had a relationship with for over 10 years. When I was ready to make a job change, they spent time understanding my career goals and ideal situation. Platinum was very thoughtful with opportunities they presented to me, saving my time as well as that of the hiring companies. Before every interview, I worked with my recruiter to ensure I had an understanding of what was important to the hiring company, enabling me to walk in feeling confident and prepared. Approximately 6 months after being placed by Platinum, I needed to hire a Controller who would be my right-hand.  Again, Platinum worked to ensure they understood my needs, job specifications and what was really important to me as the hiring manager. I was presented 5 qualified resumes within days, and I was able to move quickly through the process and make an offer within two weeks. I recommend Platinum to any financial professional ready to hire or look for a new opportunity

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