Employee Spotlight: Joe Mancewicz 

#PRGer Spotlight: Joe Mancewicz

What’s your role at PRG? 

Director of Recruiting (Accounting & Finance, HR & Executive Search). My role is a combination of recruitment and business development.  It’s a great blend of assisting in the firm’s efforts of adding new clients, while maintaining long-standing client relationships. I enjoy working with candidates through the various stages of their careers, helping them navigate the complexities of the job market, exposing them to top employers, and advising them on the best opportunity for them.

How long have you been at PRG? 

I’m approaching the 10 year mark, which is crazy! My longevity at Platinum speaks for itself, but also serves as a testament for the tremendous culture that Brian has built.

What’s your background, in a nutshell?

I’m the classic extroverted “people person;” my passion stems from learning about people’s background and current situation.  I’m a degreed accountant, yet I always felt I had the personality for either a teacher or salesman in that I love interacting with people. Early in my accounting career it became apparent that crunching numbers all day wasn’t fulfilling me.

How did you land at PRG: 

My wife completed her medical residency at Riley Children’s hospital in March of 2009 here in Indianapolis.  As fate would have it, as my job search shifted to the Indianapolis market, Brian McCall reached out and ultimately got me a job offer with a local employer.  I was with that company for a few years, but this was during the economic downturn.  Throughout my tenure with that employer, Brian was checking in on me.  I disclosed to Brian that I was seeking a new position, but that I didn’t want to continue in the accounting field.  Being the intutivative recruiter he was, Brian thought my strengths would align well with a career in recruitment, and offered me a position.

What’s your favorite part of working at PRG:  

I find it very rewarding to connect top talent with top employers – we really do have the best clients!  Also the culture at PRG is excellent: I genuinely love coming to work each day; the people are so friendly and fun; it’s such a great place to work!

What are your favorite things: 

I love family time with my kids and wife. I love golf, craft beer, and being around people.  After a busy day, I like to watch TV – among my favorite shows and movies are Schitt’s Creek, The Office, Zoe’s Exceptional Playlist, and Caddyshack.

What’s your go-to advice for any job seeker:  

I can’t stress enough the importance of establishing and maintaining strong business relationships.  Aside from the quality of your work product, I feel relationships are key to a successful career.  Adding to that, and while I may be biased, working with a recruiter is a fool-proof tactic.  Not only are we able to provide solid career advice, we often have the inside scoop on trending industries and companies.  We will happily provide coaching and counseling, which includes things like interview preparation and resume assessments.  If you’re on the fence about working with a recruiter – reach out, I’d absolutely love to hear from you!