Employee Spotlight: Randi Puckett

Platinum believes our people are our greatest asset, and we’re on a mission to prove it. We enjoy featuring our wonderful staff in a way that shows them a bit more behind the recruiting scenes. Randi Puckett joined the team in 2022 to support our direct-hire Accounting & Finance team.  Prior to joining PRG, Randi gained experience with 2 national staffing firms where she was consistently recognized as a top-producing recruiter.

Randi’s Role at Platinum Recruiting Group

Talent Acquisition Manager working remotely in Tampa, Florida

What do you like about working at PRG?

The integrity and personalism of our team are both what I love most about PRG. When speaking and working with Brian, and any other team members, you truly feel a sense of someone being personal and truly caring about bettering you and the team as a whole. Everyone brings such an honest and hard-working perception that constantly makes you want to do better.

If you could learn to do anything what would it be?

I would love to learn how to fly a plane!

What’s a song that can always pump you up?

Party in the USA

What’s your favorite activity?

I love being outside, it does not matter if it is just sitting in a lawn chair doing absolutely nothing, or spending the day kayaking. My overall favorite activity is to be outside and spending that time with family and friends.

What new ways of doing things will you keep from this past year?

I try to remind myself that we cannot change or fret about what is out of our control. It may not be a new way of doing something but it is something I emphasize each day.